Payment Options and deadlines

A suntrust account established for payments will be provided when you are ready to make your deposit. You can also pay through PayPal, or Cash App. Cash app requires an 1% to cover the charge.

*Please submit a copy of your Passport picture page along with the deposit


 Air fare is due in full September 11, 2020 

1st 1/2 of the Accommodations ($1000) is due June,1, 2020

Balance of the accommodations ($1000) is due October 1, 2020

Air Fare Due Date and Accomodation Due Dates


We will have several group calls with our Host in Ghana to answer any questions/concerns you may have. The first call is scheduled for March date/time TBA

Group calls with our Tour Host


The recommendations are, Typhoid ($125) Hepatitis ($120) and Malaria (price would depend on your insurance/pharmacy). check with your doctor, the only mandatory is Malaria. 

The suggestion is to schedule a consult with their travel doctor ($80.00) which would include the prescription for Malaria pills. I would suggest checking with your own Physician first.

Yellow Fever: Recommended to take 4-6 weeks prior to travel  If you already have a certificate, that has expired, it is NOT necessary to get another shot, they can re-certify you. and issue another certificate. If you do not have one, the yellow fever vaccine is not readily available...begin checking with health clinics to compare prices, last year Dekalb medical center was the least expensive, some travelers were able to bill their insurance..



The group is allowance is 1st & 2nd checked bags free (no more than 50lbs each), 1 carry on, and a personal item.


Excess/overweight baggage fees are $100 for 51-70 lbs, and $200 for 71-100 lbs


So, pack light going, bring/buy an extra bag there, for purchased goods on the return.  

Guidelines for Luggage, and excess baggage fees

Currency Exchange:

Example: currently 1 US Dollar equals 5.69  Ghanaian Cedi.  

LARGE BILLS $50 AND $100's will get you the best exchange, and in some places, they will not take $20 bills

The current exchange rate for USD to Ghanaian Cedi (the rates change daily)


The temperature will average between 70-80 degrees , and cooler in the evening. Light clothing during the day, and light jacket/sweatshirts in the evening are recommended. 

What to expect

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